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As Canada's largest communications company, Bell offers a variety of connectivity and communications services, including mobile, internet, television, and more, catering to consumers across all cultures in Canada under its three brands, Bell, Virgin Plus, and Lucky Mobile.


Bell recognizes Canada's diverse cultural landscape and understands the importance of connecting with customers in their preferred languages. Aiming to penetrate multicultural communities, Bell wishes to develop in-language marketing strategies that cater to each community. These require creating multilingual content and designs and utilizing different platforms that are different from the mainstream. Moreover, communication messages need careful crafting to fit into these audiences' cultural contexts. This became particularly complex as Bell, Virgin Plus, and Lucky Mobile have three different customer tiers for different target markets.

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Our Strategy


Our first step was to identify the right platforms. We helped Bell, Virgin Plus, and Lucky Mobile identify their unique potential target audiences on the RED App (小红书) and WeChat, two platforms with significant popularity among Chinese-speaking communities.

We created unique campaigns for each brand, tailored to their specific customer tiers. For Bell, we focused on premium offerings and commitment to quality service. Virgin Plus campaigns highlighted the value for money and all the extra offers and benefits that come with it. For Lucky Mobile, the messaging revolved around it's super low pricing and convenient services.


Then, we went beyond mere language translation. We tailored the messaging to resonate with the target audiences, aligning with trending social issues and cultural sensitivities. This ensured the communication was not only linguistically accurate but also culturally relevant.


To further enhance the reach, we utilized multiple different campaigns such as paid advertising on RED, sharing contests, and collaborations with popular influencers on the platforms to promote the brands. 

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Lucky LRB covers-2023-08_画板 1 副本 6.jpg
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As a result, the surge in brand awareness has translated into increased customer acquisition and retention, thus effectively expanding their market footprint. Our tailored approach to messaging and platform choice has demonstrated the power of culturally specific marketing strategies, ultimately contributing to Bell's continued market leadership.

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