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Cheese Garden

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Cheese Garden is a modern Japanese cheesecake brand founded in Toronto. It was inspired by confectionery shops in Japan to offer the authentic Japanese tastes with a modern interpretation.


Compared to other established Japanese dessert brands from overseas, such as Uncle Tetsu and Pablo, Cheese Garden was a mom-and-pop store in Toronto at first. In a very competitive market, it was difficult for small brands like Cheese Garden to grow its popularity and gain market share.


Our Strategy


Our priority was to develop a brand image for Cheese Garden that differs from other large Japanese dessert brands. And we set the Cheese Garden’s brand image as authentic, innovative, and premium.

We expressed its high standard of Japanese authenticity and simplicity in our visual identity design. Its identity is clear both on the logo and packaging. The design seems minimalistic but it is also elaborate. The brand design enhances a consumer’s perception of quality towards Cheese Garden.


We showed Cheese Garden’s creativity through seasonal product launch campaigns, providing advice on their product development based on the most up-to-date dessert trends in Japan. Such product launch campaigns include Japanese White Peach Tiramisu, Yuzu Pistachio Double Fromage Cheesecake, and Sakura Spring Collection.

Furthermore, to raise Cheese Garden’s brand level, we did a series of brand collaborations with different organizations, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, SickKids Glitter, and TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).



With strategic marketing planning and branding, we increased product demand and brand loyalty.
In each product launch campaign, Cheese Garden received a lot of excitement in the market. Hundreds of people lined up for the limited edition products each time. The brand collaborations not only increased brand awareness, but they also elevated the brand level.

Cheese Garden was able to stand out among the competitors within 2 years. It has been known as the trendiest premium Japanese dessert brand in Toronto.

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