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CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

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In 2015, CoCo opened its first location in Ontario. We partnered with CoCo when they were about to open its second location in 2016.

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It was an unknown small bubble tea brand in Toronto before we started the project. At the same time, there was a large bubble tea brand dominating Toronto’s market. There were no other bubble tea brands that could compete with it.

There was an increasing demand for bubble tea after introducing CoCo to the general public. It benefited the entire bubble tea industry. More than 200 individual bubble tea shops opened in Toronto in the last two years.

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Our Strategy

We set our objectives to increase CoCo’s brand awareness and strengthen its brand image in the market. Ultimately, we wanted to increase its market share.

We set the key brand’s message as “CoCo is the largest Taiwanese bubble tea brand in the world with more than 2,000 locations worldwide”.

Unlike other bubble brands which only targeted the Chinese market, we targeted multiethnic markets.

In a very competitive environment, we decided to focus on the teenage market. In our insight, teenagers had the most potential to become regular consumers of bubble tea. In addition, teenagers were the most active social media users. We did a series of brand activities and marketing campaigns that were specifically targeted at them.



The brand message was widely spread out on different social media platforms and large media outlets. CoCo gained 1M exposures in its first campaign. More and more people were interested to try CoCo. CoCo gained a lot of consumer loyalty from teenagers. Brand awareness was raised dramatically by the word-of-mouth effect on social media. CoCo managed to become the top bubble tea brand in Toronto. Its sales revenue reached the top within the industry.

Not only we increased the sales revenue, but we also helped CoCo expand its business from one location to 20+ locations within 2 years. Through our help, CoCo earned the title of Best Bubble Tea Brand In Toronto on BlogTO.

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