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Fuwa Fuwa

Japanese Pancakes

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Fuwa Fuwa is a Japanese café in Toronto that specializes in Japanese souffle pancakes. We have been its partner since day one. To begin with, there was a strong direct competitor opening at the same time of time as Fuwa Fuwa. We were the first two cafés that specialized in Japanese souffle pancakes in the city.

Our competitor created a huge buzz for Japanese souffle pancakes. We had to elevate ourselves based on the trend.


Our Strategy

To differentiate Fuwa Fuwa from its competitor, we developed a memorable brand image in our brand design and strategy.

We demonstrated its product characteristics in different aspects of branding design. Japanese souffle pancakes are fluffy, soft, and sweet. We named the brand Fuwa Fuwa because it means “fluffy” in Japanese. The soft characteristics can also be seen in the logo and environmental graphic design.

Our branding strategy was consistent with our branding design. In our marketing strategy, we embodied its vision: sharing the happiness of Japanese culture. In Japan, eating pancakes makes people happy. From this aspect, we created a key brand message: Fuwa Fuwa wanted to bring the same happiness to Toronto.

We used emotional appeals to tell the story and introduce the brand. We produced a heartwarming video for Fuwa Fuwa and published it on social media. We also told the story through different large media outlets and bloggers.

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The brand image has been built in a memorable way.  Fuwa Fuwa became known as a café that is full of happiness.

We earned more than 10 mainstream media features on both online and offline platforms.

The demand for Japanese souffle pancakes increased dramatically after we introduced Fuwa Fuwa. On each day of the grand opening event, there were over 400 people lining up. After six months of opening, Fuwa Fuwa is set to open a second location due to large demand.  Also, It is named by blogTO as one of the most trendy food in 2018

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