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Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken

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Hot-Star is a Taiwanese fried chicken brand that is best known for XXL large fried chicken. Hot-Star was popular when it first opened the first location in Toronto in 2016. Yet, Hot Star lost the market attention quickly because there were a large number of varieties of fried chicken products.


There were three other Taiwanese fried chicken brands coming to Toronto in 2017.


Our strategy:

For existing brands like Hot-Star, introducing a new food concept would be the best way to attract people’s attention again.

We provided professional advice for their product innovations. Based on our extensive research, We decided to use cheese, one of the most prominent comfort foods in North America, as our focal point. It was used in different ways in food. Our creative marketing experts came up with a new product—cheese-stuffed Fried Chicken. We combined Hot-Star’s signature item, XXL  large fried chicken, with cheese.

Throughout every stage in the campaign, we planned strategically and carefully to ensure that the new product would surprise the market. We kept our message consistent in every communication channel: Hot-Star is launching Cheese-stuffed Fried Chicken. We did a set of advertisements, PR, and social media marketing to create a big pre-buzz for the new product.



There was a lot of excitement in the market before the official launch date. On the launch day, hundreds of people lined up for the new Cheese-Stuffed Fried Chicken. We created a blogTO video that generated 13M views. It is The Most Viewed Video on their channel until this day. The campaign increased the sales of the new product. It raised Hot-Star’s brand awareness. Brand exposure on social media reached over 800K during this campaign. It led to a noticeable growth on Hot-Star’s social media platforms: a 72.6% increase in the number of Instagram followers and Facebook’s likes.

In 2019, We launched the follow-up branding campaign for Hot-Star, aiming to raise the brand's awareness to the next level, and truly put Hot-Star's image into the consumer's heart. So the journey continues!

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