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KaKa All You Can Eat

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Sense was the former name of KaKa three years ago.  It was a high-end-a-la-cart Japanese restaurant at First Markham Place (FMP).  The business model was not doing well because of market misjudgement.  Their misunderstanding led them to build a restaurant in the wrong location. There were many Japanese AYCE in Toronto back in 2015. Yet, none of them had a significant market impact. The majority of them were perceived as low price and low quality by consumers.


Our Strategy


We redesigned their business model. It became a brand-new Japanese AYCE (All-You-Can-Eat) brand, KaKa. It was positioned as the strongest player in a very competitive market.

To gain the most market share, we changed consumers’ perceptions of AYCE. We set our price and quality between AYCE restaurants and a-la-carte restaurants. We brought Japanese torched sushi into KaKa’s AYCE menu. Torched sushi was only available at a high-ended Japanese restaurant in Toronto back in 2015. KaKa was the first AYCE brand that offered torched sushi.



 KaKa became known as a premium AYCE sushi brand with a high quality of food.

Once KaKa was introduced, it was welcomed by the market quickly. The results could be seen by its increased number of daily bookings and sales revenue. People had to book 30 days in advance in the first six months. The sales revenue tripled within the first 45 days of reopening. In 2018, KaKa opened a second location in downtown Toronto. KaKa was voted as the Best AYCE Sushi Restaurant by the Toronto public on BlogTO in 2018. It was featured by different large local media outlets such as Toronto Life, Narcity, and NOW Toronto.

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