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Oomomo Japan Living

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Oomomo is a Japanese variety store brand in Canada. Their mission is to bring good-quality lifestyle products from Japan to Canada and to promote Japanese living style and culture. We partnered with Oomomo when they were about to open its second location in the GTA in 2019.


Oomomo opened its first Ontario stores in North York in 2019 while there were many similar brands already competing in the market. The brand did not stand out from its competitors because it does not have a clear-cut brand image, and people hold the incorrect perception that it is somewhat similar to a dollar store.

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Our Strategy

 As a very family-oriented brand that provides a wide range of authentic, and unique Japanese products, we think Oomomo needs a solid image that can deliver the brand qualities, the Japanese culture, and the Japanese living concept to its customers. Therefore to use the timing of the opening of its second GTA store, we help to design a mascot for the brand, a chubby lucky cat named MoMo. The mascot then later made into a fixture, along with some other pop-ups in the store, to help enhance the shopping experience.

To further strengthen the brand image, we helped to organize a series of activities throughout the year. We collaborated with local artists, hosted family workshops, and participated in the Japanese Festival. 

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The grand opening of the second GTA store was a success with over 300 people lining up before the door opened. And the event quickly spread the message to the market through different social media platforms and large media outlets. Following the grand opening, the workshops, collaborations, and seasonal events helped to build the brand's image and awareness step by step. And people’s perception of the brand started to change.

The Oomomo mascot becomes a focal aspect of the brand's embodiment and is adored by customers. Now various adaptations of the cat are used in other regions, such as Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton, becoming the national symbol of the brand.

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