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Popular Japanese Cheesecake is Opening Their First Downtown Location

With their motto “the cheesier, the better”, in a swarm of Japanese cheesecake shops, one has stood out above all others since the opening of their first store in 2016.

Cheese Garden was conceptualized during a holiday in Kyoto that suddenly became a half-a-year apprenticeship with a Japanese pastry master. Through their embodiment of the true spirit of Japanese pastry, use of high quality ingredients, and superbly detailed presentations, the brand captured the hearts and stomachs of Toronto’s Japanese cheesecake lovers.

After expanding its cheesy sweet goodness to three locations all over the GTA, Cheese Garden is finally opening its first downtown outpost at Eaton Center on 2020.

After an inspiring trip to Japan, the founder was eager to share with Toronto the craft she learned while training in Japanese pastry in Kyoto, and thus, Cheese Garden was born. Dedicated to applying refined techniques to their craft while maintaining their philosophy of serving only the highest quality of food and service, Cheese Garden has always strived to be the best, most authentic Japanese pastry shop in the city. They obey Japanese-style recipes, doing everything in their power to present their customers with the most beautiful sweet gifts.

3 signature Japanese Cheesecake from Cheese Garden

Uji Matcha Tiramisu

Without a doubt, Cheese Garden’s most famous signature item is their Uji Matcha Tiramisu. Made with the highest quality uji matcha powder, unctuous matcha cream, and two layers of melty cream cheese enveloped around a crunchy layer of ladyfingers, all the flavors and textures blend delicately together like a harmonious masterpiece full of happiness at every bite.

Double Fromage Cheesecakes

Torontonians are no strangers to Cheese Garden’s famous original and matcha flavored double fromage cheesecakes. This cake needs a whole lot of love and dedication to be made, taking a total of eight hours to be completed. It is no surprise that with such a lengthy preparation process, it has become known as “the king of cheesecakes”. Much like a traditional cheesecake, the first step to make this beauty is a layer of baked cream cheese, followed by a non-bake slather of luscious mascarpone. Finally, the dessert is completed with soft cake crumbles. To develop its special ice cream-like texture, the cake is then put into the freezer for 5-6 hours until it is ready to be devoured.

Baked Cheese Tart

No Japanese cheesecake shop is completed without a traditional Baked Cheese Tart full of melted, scrumptious cheese that bursts in your mouth with every bite, surrounded by a crispy golden layer of perfectly baked pastry. For those looking for a smaller treat packed with just as much flavor as a slice of cheesecake, this is the perfect dessert snack.


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