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SickKids Community Rally

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The SickKids Foundation is one of the most prestigious hospitals health organizations in Canada. It has been helping sick children in treatment, researches, and education for decades, with the donation from the communities. In 2019, SickKids launched an initiative called the Community Rally in Toronto's Chinese community to raise its awareness and to fundraise for the hospital projects.


SickKids has run a very successful "SickKids VS" campaign in the mainstream. However, the Chinese community has a lot of uniqueness, such as demographics, exclusive channels, and cultural differences. A merely simple translation of the original campaign would not work efficiently.

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Our Strategy


To reach and resonate with our targeted audience, the young Chinese families, we helped SickKids partner up with local Chinese brands/businesses to spread the good cause. We designed six limited-edition SickKids teddy bears with unique uplifting campaign messages written on the bear's hoodies. Each bear represents a true story about a little patient from the Chinese community. People could collect the six bears through partner businesses' fundraising events in the whole month of September. The campaign will both raise the money and help to drive traffic to local businesses.

We adapted the SickKids VS campaign and took new photos with real patients and made new designs that are more appropriate to the Chinese culture. Other than the traditional media, TV, radio, newspapers, OOH, we also utilized social media channels and some channels that are exclusive to the Chinese, such as WeChat, RED App (小红书), and influencers, to spread out the message across the whole community. 

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The campaign was a huge success with over 40 local brands/businesses partnering up with SickKids, a total of over 120 stores. By the end of December 2019, over $800,000 donation was committed from the Chinese community. Moreover, the brand awareness of the foundation increased significantly. The total viewership of the articles/ads published during the campaign reached over 20 million.

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