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 Turning an idea 

 into a successful 


We helped to create and invest in brands like VaVa Designer Cakes, Fuwa Fuwaand KaKa AYCE


90% of start-ups failed.  It is not easy for an idea to grow into a successful company. You need a great product, good marketing, smooth operations, and enough funding to succeed. And it is hard to accomplish all of these just by yourself.

Sweven works with 10-15 brands each year. We learn from our success, as well as from the obstacles, building connections and gaining resources. So we know the formula to launch a brand into the market, navigate through the deep waters, and reach success.

If you have the drive to start a business and a good idea, we invite you to work with us. With our knowledge, experiences, & resources, we can help create a brand together that the market will love.

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